Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our random night last night...

So this is so random and crazy that I have to blog about it. So last night Scott and I were sitting in our family room watching TV when all of the sudden we hear this crash that came from outside.

Now before I can finish the story, I have nightmares about being in a crash and it happening right outside my apartment! And when I heard the crash I was like there you have it! I knew eventually it was going to happen! Just glad that it wasnt me!

So we walk outside and Scott walks across the street and sees that there is a man on the street with a bunch of people all around him. There are two cars that are in the gas station parking lot across the street and a minivan that has pulled of the side of the road. We see that our neighbor is out so we go to him and ask what happened. He tells us that this saturn hit a kid on a motorcycle and then a Honda rearended the Saturn.

Okay now here is where the story gets weird. In talking to our neighbor a little bit more he tells us that the driver of the Saturn that hit the motorcycle just took off. He was talking to him and saying that he didnt see the motorcycle and the next thing he takes off, not in his car, but on foot into the residential neighborhood leaving his car behind!

So first of all, not a good idea. But it gets better! The Honda that hit the Saturn starts driving off!!! I was like...what kind of people are these people! There is a man in the street that could be dying and they take off because they dont want a ticket and their insurance to go up! Or they both have drugs and or alcohol and dont want to get busted!!!

I do have to commend the fire department and the paramedics because the did get to the scene in less than 2 minutes. I dont know what ever happened with it all, because it didnt make the news....but we saw the motorcyclist feet move so at least we know that he was not paralyzed...

How random was that?

p.s. I will soon post another blog with our weekend adventures to Timpanogos Cave!