Saturday, November 29, 2008

So it seems like everyone is posting what their baby is going to look here is ours. I think personally that he is for sure one of the cuter ones out there! But I may be a little biased! Thanks Lauren for showing me the website for was great fun!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Four Wheeling with the Haroldsons!!!

Ben was awesome at unloading these thins on his high truck!!! This is what boys are for!
Ah...dont we look so excited! Actually I was a little nervous because Scott had never driven a four wheeler before...yikes!
The whole clan after we stopped for looks like I was driving, but that would be a no...there were way too many steep rocky roads! I like flat and smooth!
Scott wanted to climb to the top and I wouldn't let him...But he at least got to touch it...oh and that hanging thing is Ben...

We love the Haroldsons...They were super fun to go out with!!!
Doesn't Scott look like he is having so much fun!!!!

Yes, my shirt was so dirty we had to write "hi" in it!!!
Scott's face was pretty bad too!!!
We think that this was the van down by the river that Chris Farley was talking is now Ben & Elishas new home...jk :)

Okay this was me really driving! It was so much fun!!!

While we were riding we realized that it was Scott's one year anniversary from being home off his mission...what a fun way to celebrate it!!! We loved every minute of this weekend and hope to be able to do it again...Thanks Ben & Elisha!!!