Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bless UDOT...

One of the many things that we loved about our apartment when we first moved in was how convienent it was to I-15. And that it was on the west side of town where it was also not nearly as busy. Well that was before we knew there was going to be some serious construction!

This is what we listened to last night as we were going to bed...and this morning when we woke up!
How lucky are we...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July Weekend

So we had quite a fun 4th of July weekend! On Friday night we went out by Utah Lake with our friends the Youngs and the Whettens to shoot some guns and have a BBQ. Since we don't have a truck/SUV we had to park down at the bottom of the hill and have Russ take all of us and all of our stuff up in his truck. It took a couple of trips but we finally all got to the top!

Day light was burning real fast, so we decided to shoot first and then eat.

Brad and Russ getting the truck all unloaded

Me shooting Scotts 9mm. I love the look on Russ and Brads face! They thought that I was going to drop the gun! I dont do guns...

Buffy just watching everyone shooting, Shelly taking care of Chloe in the car and Russ
Scott watching Brad use Russ's assault rifle

I love Chloe in the picture! At least Shelly was taking care of her daughters ears!

Russ and Buffy Whetten

We did a bring your own meat BBQ and used our newer grill to cook it on! We absolutley love our grill! It is super portable and just like a real grill that you would have in your backyard!

Scott and I tried Brats for the first time ever that night! And they were delicious! If fact we liked them so much we bought more to have this weekend!

Then on Saturday we just did chores...I cleaned the house, as well as the Thursday night before, and finally got our apartment deep cleaned! We then had some friends over to watch Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Lightening Thief!

Sunday was normal, church and then just hanging out at home...

Then on Monday we went to Cracker Barrell for breakfast and it was of course DELICIOUS! Then we went on a lovely drive up the Mt. Nebo Loop that starts at the mouth of Payson Canyon and comes out up Nephi Canyon. It was lovely to spend all day with Scott with no TV, school, work, or anything else to distract us!

Then it was back to work! Not only did I like celebrating the birth of this amazing country we live, but also a nice day off work and time to spend with each other!