Saturday, November 29, 2008

So it seems like everyone is posting what their baby is going to look here is ours. I think personally that he is for sure one of the cuter ones out there! But I may be a little biased! Thanks Lauren for showing me the website for was great fun!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Four Wheeling with the Haroldsons!!!

Ben was awesome at unloading these thins on his high truck!!! This is what boys are for!
Ah...dont we look so excited! Actually I was a little nervous because Scott had never driven a four wheeler before...yikes!
The whole clan after we stopped for looks like I was driving, but that would be a no...there were way too many steep rocky roads! I like flat and smooth!
Scott wanted to climb to the top and I wouldn't let him...But he at least got to touch it...oh and that hanging thing is Ben...

We love the Haroldsons...They were super fun to go out with!!!
Doesn't Scott look like he is having so much fun!!!!

Yes, my shirt was so dirty we had to write "hi" in it!!!
Scott's face was pretty bad too!!!
We think that this was the van down by the river that Chris Farley was talking is now Ben & Elishas new home...jk :)

Okay this was me really driving! It was so much fun!!!

While we were riding we realized that it was Scott's one year anniversary from being home off his mission...what a fun way to celebrate it!!! We loved every minute of this weekend and hope to be able to do it again...Thanks Ben & Elisha!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This last weekend Mom, Dad, Scott and I went to Tuachan and saw Thriller put on by Odessey Dance Theater.

We had so much fun that night...although Scott and I got very cold...when the sun goes down in the canyon it can get down right cold!!!

We were really excited that Mom and Dad were able to go with us. We all had a good time with some good laughs too!

Here is the whole gang...Dad for some reason has a weird look on his face...but still it was awesome sitting on the front row being so up close to the dancers you can see the sweat on their foreheads.

They also had a bunch of people dressed up all halloweenee and trying to scare everybody. This particular guy was crazy...he could bend his back so far it was crazy! But for some reason he decided to invade my personal space and this was the picture that I got of him with him basically sitting on my lap...

Another girl was walking by and we asked if she would take a picture with Mom and Dad...she went to sit on Dad's lap and he just picked her up and placed her high up his lap...that is why Mom has the look on her face that she does...The actor has the look like...what is this guy doing???
All in all it was an awesome night and we were really glad that we were able to go. We are hoping that we can go see it again next year!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So just for fun as I am sitting here while Scott is at school I thought that I would put up a post and let everyone know what was happening with us!

First of all, can I just say how weird it is not to be in school! I did it for so many years that I really am having some issues not thinking that I have some kind of homework to do or some test that I need to be studying for! But it is fabulous. I do however have alot of extra time on my hands and so I thought that I would get a second job, I decided to see if I could get hired back on at Seagull Book for some Christmas help.

It should be good to have some extra money and something to do two nights of the week. I am excited but also kind of scared because I am going back to something that is totally different than what I am doing right now. I am in an office all day and now I will be out on the floor and helping customers with buying christmas gifts, nothing like accounting!!!

Scott is doing good as well. He is an awesome teller, the best ever actually and those are not my words...they are actually the words of his boss. He has gotten at least 4 gift cards for doing such a good job! I am so proud of him...and all I have to say is...yeah he is my husband!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here are some pictures of our recent trip to Jackson Hole Wy and Yellowstone. We spent one night in Yellowstone and the rest at our family's condo in Jackson. We had a ton of fun we went whitewater rafting, hiked a mountain, went to the rodeo, and of course went shopping. It was a great Honeymoon after the was fun to get well rested and spend some good time together!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

First Post Ever!

Hello everyone! We hope that you are all safe and sound while reading this blog. We (basically Kenzie:)) wanted to start this blog so that we could share everything that we are doing. Right now we are just livingi in St. George and Scott is going to school. I am working at TruAudio as an accountant. Scott is not only going to school, but he is also working as US Bank and loving every minute of it. We have been married for 5 months now, and could not be happier! We have spent the past few weeks going on vacation pretty much all over the west. We have been to Salt Lake twice to see Scott's family, Phoenix to see my family and Jackson Hole, WY to see ourselves! Well that is about all that I have to say for this post. I will be sure to post some pictures and videos of all of our adventures this summer! Talk to you all soon!

~Scott & Kenz~