Sunday, February 21, 2010

How can one person be so lucky!

Hello all! I know I know I am so bad with this whole blogging thing, but I dont have a whole lot to say, and most of what I do have to say is just me complaining, or just too much information that I maybe shouldn't share with the whole world But for what it is worth, here is a little update on Scott and myself.

So January was kind of a dud for us. We did get some good news though about Scotts work. We decided that working full time and going to school full time was not the best idea we ever had, but at the time, that is what we had to do. So when we got back from vacation to Phoenix, Scott put in his two weeks notice. To make a really long back and forth story short, Scott's district manager went out of her way to basically get Scott a job at the traditional branch here in Provo. The benefit of this is that he will be able to cut his hours back significantly. So he got the job, and his hours went from 38 hours a week to about 20-25 hours a week. It is also nice because he wont have to work til 7 every night, and he doesnt have to work on Saturdays anymore!

As long as I am talking about Scott and his work, I also have some other good news! Scott was an ANNUAL STAR OF EXCELLENCE!!! I know that most of you have no idea what that is, so I will explain. Scott was in the top 5% of all the US Bank Bankers nationwide for 2009!!! I know I know, my husband is amazing! But because of his awesomness, USBank is taking him and myself on a trip to VEGAS! We are going March 16 through the 19th. Yes, we will have a couple of meetings we have to attend, but the majority of time will be for us to spend walking down the strip...I know, not the best thing...but it will be fun to spend the time together. They are FLYING us down, which Scott is SOOOOOO excited about!, and we are staying at the Four Seasons! It should be so much fun!!!

Other than that, the only other fun thing that is on our plate is our 2 year anniversary coming up on March 8th! We are going to Brian Regan in Salt Lake and staying the night at the Grand America Hotel! Just something fun to celebrate our anniversary! I will for sure post some pictures when that does happen.

Well, that is all from the pretty boring Butlers!