Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Update on the Butlers

So I thought that it was about time to do a little updating here on the blog! It has been way too long!
First of all we have some EXCITING news! Scott has been accepted to BYU and will be starting in the fall. We are super excited for this, and really anxious for him to be able to start and better yet finish!!! He is going to be able to graduate in 18 months instead of the 2 years normally and then we are hoping to go to either ASU or BYU for his MBA.
So with that being said...this means that we are now moving up to Utah County! Currently I am looking for a job up there, I have had several interviews, and am just waiting to hear back. However, if any one knows of any company looking for a new accountant, office manager, bookkeeper etc., please let me know!!!
We also sold my Honda Accord, and hopefully will be buying a new car this weekend to replace it! We have been sharing a car the past month, while we have been looking, and I have to give props to those other couples out there that share a car!!! It is tough work. Especially when you both work and one of you goes to school!!!
We have also put in our 30 days notice for our apartment, and have started boxing everything up. It is nice because I have been able to go through alot of things and "purge" what I dont need or haven't touched the last year we have been there. I am excited to move into a bigger apartment, if and when we find jobs and move up to Utah County, but for right now all of our stuff will be in boxes in my parents house.
All in all life is a little stressful right now. The only thing that I know right now is that Scott and I are doing everything that the Lord has asked of us, and we are leaving the rest up to him. It is hard, but it has been my experience that when the Lord asks things of you that really are a challenge to you, when you have done all that you can, he will bless you with what you need, and most of the time even more!!! I am sorry to get all churchy on you, but I am so grateful for the gospel and the principles that it teaches me.
That is all for right now. I will hopefully be able to do some more posting of our anniversary trip to Six stay tuned!!!