Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Update on the Butlers

First of all it has been way too long since I last posted!!! There have been so many things happen, that fair warning this might be a really long post so please bear with me!

First of all, for those who don't know, I got a job! Not only did I get a job...I got a kick butt awesome job! I really cant even describe how blessed we were! The story is such an amazing one, that I am going to tell you all here on the blog...

So as many of you know... we moved up here to Provo without me having a job etc...we did move up with the hopes of a couple of jobs we were hoping to work out. We moved up on Saturday May 2 and by Tuesday both of the jobs that we were hoping to work fell through. I was starting to get really discouraged, so having no internet at my house Thursday I went to the Provo Library and had 90 minutes to apply for as many jobs as I could. When I was looking I found the posing for a job that I applied for a week before and the email came back with a bad email address. I was super excited that I found it again and applied to the right email address.

I also applied for about 20 other jobs, basically anything that I could find that I might be remotely qualified for, and just left the library hoping a praying for anything!!! Friday morning I woke up to a phone call from the owner of Rockwell Window Wells, which was the email that came back bad and I reapplied for. He asked if I could come to meet him in an hour. I of course said YES and hurry and got ready and went to the interview. Meanwhile I also had another interview up in Salt Lake later that day.

I went to the interview with a prayer in my heart that I will impress them and make them know how great I really can be! So I talked to Vaughn the owner and the interview went great! He showed me around the production floor and I meet some of the production guys and really liked them. I also then meet the plant manager and again it went really well. To make a long story short (I know, I know!) I told him that I had an appointment that I needed to get to, he then asked if it was a job interview and I said yes and he said that that was no good.

I left and about 30-45 minutes later Vaughn called me back and offered my the job! So here is the lowdown about the it is in PROVO! about 10 minutes from our apartment. I am doing exactly what I always wanted to do which is an Accountant/Office Manager. But I am also shipping manager, marketing, HR, anything office etc...and the best part is that I feel that I am getting paid what I am worth! I really can not believe this blessing!

So I was hired on a Friday and I started the following Monday. When talking to Vaughn a little bit more about the job, he said that he interviewed 10 people before me and just couldn't make a decision, but when he interviewed me, he just felt right about it. Again, I feel so incredibly blessed by this. I really do! Heavenly father really has directed us in what we are suppose to be doing!

So other than that...Scott and I have just been getting use to the PROVO area! If anyone knows anything really fun to do please let me know. But all I have to say is that we love our apartment we love living in Provo and we are really excited for Scott to start school...

Well this post is long enough...I will try an add some more pictures of some of our adventures here in the next couple of days.