Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our Adventures

So over the past couple of weeks Scott and I have had some super fun things to do. Both of us had birthdays and we also got to spend quite a bit of time with Scott's family. So here are some random pictures of all of our outings...

Here is just a quick pic in the car on the way up to the big SLC!

Here is Scott, Ann & Brenon at our 4th of July celebration!

I had the wonderful opportunity to go see Brenon (Scott's brother) go through the Draper Temple as he is preparing to serve a mission to the San Diego Spanish speaking mission. Scott had to work, but it was an awesome experience! I love going to the temple...:)

These are the beautiful flowers that Scott had delivered to my work on my birthday! They were so pretty once they started to bloom, and they smelled wonderful...I have the best husband by the way... :)

Here is my birthday present!!!! We finally actually have bedding! I know for those of you who have been in my house, this does not look like anything else that I may have chosen, but I thought that I would be daring in the bedroom!!! It looks awesome against all of our white furniture and it is super cute as well!

Well that is about all the is going on with us. We are just waiting for Scott to start school and are starting to get super excited for the holidays to come around so that we can see all of our family again!

Blog to you soon!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


If anyone knows how to post multiple pictures with comments for each? I am having some serious problems!!! So if anyone has any ideas for help...that would be great!!! Hopefully when if I figure this out, then I can make some posts!