Monday, November 30, 2009

Bugged...and Thanksgiving!

So I have to say that I am so bugged right now...for the past week and a half I have had a horrible stomach ache off and on. It all started two weeks ago...I went to bed not feeling very well and then in the middle of the night I woke up and was super sick! I visited the bathroom...if you know what I mean...I was so lightheaded I had the chills and everything. I didnt go to work the following day and started to feel lots better. I thought that is was just a 24 hour thing. Scott then got it on Saturday and he was even sicker than I was. He stayed home one day from work and then felt alot better. Then the Wednesday before Thanksgiving I again went home from work early because I was so sick to my stomach. I thought that I was going to die! I finally started to feel better later that night, and I was at least able to eat some Thanksgiving dinner. The rest of the weekend, I felt pretty good, but then today...It hit me all over again! It honestly feels like my stomach is contrating back and is not like nausea, or anything but it is just pain! I wish I knew what was wrong and what I could do to fix it. So if anyone knows what might be causing it...or better yet, what I can do to fix it...let me know!

Other than that...this past weekend was super fun! Thursday was spent with the Butlers. Dinner was FABULOUS! And it was so fun to hang out with all of the sibs...Then on Friday all of my family were together for the first time for a year and a half! I got to meet my new nephew who is adorable! And just spend lots of time with them all! We finally got our family pictures taken and as soon as I get them back I will post some of them! We also were able to go out to dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory which is a classic for our family! We also justs spent a ton of time together!

It was a little crazy with 7 adults and a baby in our apartment! But we had a good time! Hope everyone else had a good time the past weekend and got to spend lots of time with their families and friends!