Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So for those of you who know me, and know Scott, we are planners. We plan everything and anything that we do! We plan what we are going to do for the week, we plan what we are going to eat, we plan months in advance how exactly a party we are throwing is going to go down to the time we do what.

Not only do we plan the little things, but we are even bigger planners about the big things. I cant tell you how many times I planned for the day that Scott got home from his mission! Almost every day I planned what I was going to wear, what I was going to say, where we were going to be etc. etc. etc. Our wedding was planned even before a ring was bought, our move to Provo was planned before anything ever happened etc.

However, I have found that no matter how hard we plan and how good we think our plan is, the Lord has different plans in store and he never lets us know what they are. However whenever the Lords plan come through it is always for the better.

The only downside is the not knowing what the Lords plan is right now. We try and do what we think is the best, but our plans always seem to be a bad idea, and then once the Lord plays his hand, we are always off for the better. I just hate the waiting time from when our plan falls through and the Lord plans starts. I guess this is the way that the Lord is teaching us patience and you would think that we would have it by now, but I guess we don't. We still need another lesson.