Monday, May 2, 2011

Changes are a .... already came!

Changes are coming to the Butler life. Well coming is not the right word, more like came. It has been a crazy couple of weeks, but good ones.

Most importantly, I got a PROMOTION! I am the new Assistant Controller for Property Solutions. Not a whole lot of changes in what exactly I do, just a few new things...things I have done before, just not at PSI. For those of you who know my story of work the past year, this has been a huge blessing! It came right at the time that we needed it, yeah...the Lord definitely knows what what we need!

Secondly we have switched wards! The church recently decided to reduce the amount of married student wards here in Provo. Because we live "so far" from BYU we are no longer in any boundaries for a married student ward and have been moved to a traditional family ward. Scott and I were so excited about this and about the new opportunities this presented to us! We went to our new ward on Sunday and it was AMAZING! Dont get me wrong...we loved our married student ward, but this ward was just so different, and exactly what we need for our life right now. It was so fun to see the deacons pass the sacrament, to talk to the old ladies in Relief Society, etc. We felt so so so welcome and cant wait to get to know the members of our NEW ward a little better! :)

Other things that are happening, Scott's younger brother is getting married on Thursday in the Manti Temple so that will be a crazy but exciting day. And then next week my brother and sister in law, Brett and Lauren are moving to Salt Lake!!! We are so excited to have them closer to us and to get to know Brick and Lexi better! I seriously cant not wait!!!

Scott is still in school, but he just has Spring/Summer and then Fall and then he is done! We are so excited for that day to come! But until then he is just putting his nose to the grindstone!

We already have lots of plans for fun this summer! Trips to St. George to see Mom and Dad, Car Shows, Camping, Parade of Homes etc etc etc! Fun times are for sure to come!