Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wes is ONE!

I can't believe I am typing this and telling the world that my baby is ONE!!!  (in just a few hours actually)

One year ago (about this time) I was laying in a hospital bed hoping that my boy would come sooner rather than later.  Little did I know how my life was about to change and for the better!

I can not thank my heavenly father enough for the sweetest boy in the whole world!!  Wes knows me so well, knows when I am happy...when I am sad, and when I just need a love.  Being a mom was my dream for a long time and it has not let me down, I can't wait to keep being Wes' mom for the rest of his life!


1year checkup stats:
Weight - 23lbs 85%
Height - 31.3in 95%

Wes is a fun loving little boy.
He sleeps through the night (and has been since 6 months...I know blessing of a lifetime!) and generally sleeps for about 12-14 hours.
He wakes up and is SO happy in the morning!
He loves to play with all of his toys and discover things while mom works.
He loves to ride in his stroller and see everything around him, whether it is in the store or for a walk, he is fascinated by most everything
He eats almost everything in sight!  If he sees anyone eating, he will go straight to them, wave his hands and try and get some food :)
He is WALKING!  and standing up on his own.  It is like a whole new life for him now that he can walk.
He takes two naps a day and is not quitting that anytime soon :)
He LOVES his "sisters" (my nieces) They have a way of making him laugh that no one else can.
All in all, he is such a fun busy boy!  I can not wait to see what else he is going to do in the next year...bring it on :)

We did a 1st birthday and cake smash session and here are my favorites

Wes, your mama loves you more than you will ever know and I am so grateful to be called your mommy!!

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LaNell said...

Very fun! He was so good the other day and seems like such a sweet little baby/boy.